Confiture Parisienne

Confiture Parisienne Cherry Kalamata

$20.99 SGD

It's done with CERISE-KALAMATA, a slightly crazy flavour found by FeGH.

Discover the singular marriage of a fleshy bigarreau cherry and a large racy olive from Kalamata in Greece.

A nonsense at first sight? More like a revelation when you taste it. And a real headache to make: delicate pitting of the cherries by hand one by one to keep the pulp whole, slicing of the Kalamata olives into julienne strips: this candied Christmas condiment deserved a priesthood.

As for the jar that is not quite like the others, we decided to call on matali crasset who has revisited the iconic jar with a delicate gradation allowing, for the first time, a glimpse of jam in a thin transparent space.

Erotic design, in short, which will set the scene for this unprecedented adultery between the olive and the cherry, addiction guaranteed.

Handcrafted fruit spread made in Paris with natural ingredients without preservatives.

cherry, cranberry juice, cane sugar, kalamata olive, lemon, citrus pectin

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