Confiture Parisienne

Confiture Parisienne Fuck the Virus

$16.99 SGD

Fuck the virus - Kiwi Yuzu: To regain strength!

It's winter, it's gray, it's cold and we're afraid of nasty viruses...
Don't panic with the new Kiwi & Yuzu recipe from the famous Confiture Parisienne brand, you are in good hands.
A real shot of vitamin C that will send off the hassle of 2022!
Let us trust mother nature and her invigorating virtues.
Vitamin C is richly defensive and richly present in Yuzu, as well as in kiwi. This vitamin should be our traveling companion for the long winter months, it will accompany us until the birdsong.

So spread and savor greedily :)
And what a fucking cool gift!

Handcrafted fruit spread made in Paris with natural ingredients without preservatives.

kiwi, cane sugar, apple juice, yuzu,
lemon, citrus pectin.

Tasting tips:
SWEET: on a slice of sourdough bread or on a cottage cheese.

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