Confiture Parisienne

Confiture Parisienne Nuits-Saint-Georges Jelly

$16.99 SGD

Nuit/Night! What a wonderful name to embrace the romantic celebrations ahead of us beneath the sky of Paris in times of summer solstice, Euro Football Championship and patriotic fireworks. Yes, Nuits-Saint-Georges is a beautiful nighttime jelly: it will go easily with cheeses shared with good old friends as well as aristocratic brioche.

Handcrafted fruit spread made in Paris with natural ingredients without preservatives.

Burgundy organic wine "Nuits-Saint-Georges" from the Château de Prémeaux domain, apple, raspberry, blackberry, currant, unrefined cane sugar, lemon, natural pectin.

Tasting tips:
SWEET: On a toast, a pancake, a scone, or yogurt.
SALTY: with foie gras, and long ripening cheeses (old Comté for example).

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